Can You Guess the Beach from the Chocolate Bar?

Our Photographic and Becky Bettesworth ranges feature images from some on the most beautiful spots in Cornwall… but can you guess which beach matches which bar?



1) Cream Tea

As you might be able to tell from the bar, this lifeguarded North Coast beach is a paradise for surfers and sun seekers, and known for its dramatic cliff either side. Take your board, frolic in the surf and enjoy the surroundings – you might even spot some puffins – then refuel with this bar!





2) Honeycomb

This gem of a beach is tucked out of the way, meaning it never gets too busy. Start your walk at Wheal Coates and wander down the coast path to the beach, where you can tuck into the most Cornish of ice creams – the hedgehog! Alternatively, take the Honeycomb bar down with you and eat it next to the scenery that inspired it!





3) Apple Crumble

An unsung hero of the Cornish beach scene, this beauty is ideal for both kids and adults, and has incredible views out over the island castle that sits just metres away from it. At lunchtime, nip back into pretty little town that sits beside it for fish and chips, then walk across to the island itself at low tide. The perfect family day out!





4) 70% Cocoa

Famous for it’s crystal blue waters and white sand and loved by artists for its incredible light, this whole area is just drop dead gorgeous. At low tide, this beach is just a short walk along the sand and around the rocks away from the town centre. Once you’ve made that oh so long and arduous journey, it’s only right to refresh yourself with a cider at the cafe. Watch out for the seagulls though, they love a bit of free food!






And the answers are…….

1) Polzeath
2) Chapelporth
3) Marazion
4) Porthminster



How To Host an Egg-ceptional Easter Egg Hunt!

Isn’t it incredible what kids can find when they really want to? PE kit on a Monday morning? No chance… but hide a chocolate egg in a tree branch that they can’t even reach and they’re all over it. Here’s a few tips make sure your Easter egg hunt is just cracking!


It’s all about the clues!

Come up with clever clues to keep them guessing. “This food isn’t for our furry friends” could be used for the chocolate bunnies hidden near pet food, whilst “sugar and spice and all things nice” is perfect for the Caramel Sea Salt Egg hidden in the spice rack. Double points for puns!

Mix it up

It doesn’t have to be all about the eggs, so throw in some chocolate bars too. Hot Cross Bun or Simnel Cake? Yes yes YES.  You can even minimise the inevitable sugar rush by adding in a few ‘vouchers’ for things such as hot chocolate with marshmallows, which can be redeemed at a later date.

Colour code! 

Stop one child finding all of the eggs (and save on bickering) by setting different colour eggs for each person to hunt. Ours are colour coded by flavour, so they can always swap at the end! Add in some brightly painted boiled eggs too — you could even build the excitement by getting the kids to help paint their own a few days before.

Be the taskmaster

Make the hunt even more interactive by setting tasks for your kids to complete before they’re given each clue. It could be telling a joke, doing some bunny hops… or doing the washing up (if you’re feeling really mean). Once all of the eggs have been scoffed, challenge the little ones to see how they can reuse the boxes.

5 Things to Give Up for Lent That Aren’t Chocolate

We’ve all been there before: we’ve just polished off 8 gooey chocolate drizzled pancakes and whilst feeling suitably stuffed and a strange mixture of pride and guilt, we optimistically declare that it’s okay, because we’re giving up chocolate for Lent.  For the next 40 days, our bodies will be a temple. Except, that’s not really how it plays out is it? Two weeks in and we’re back enjoying the little zing behind our Chilli Chocolate and sinking into the floaty heaven that is our Eton Mess Bar.


To help you avoid getting stuck in the same trap this year, here’s our suggestions for five things you could let go of for Lent that will make a much more positive impact on your life than giving up chocolate. They’ll also be far easier to keep!

1. Late nights

Burning the candle at both ends only makes for a grouchy and overtired you, so make an effort to get to bed an hour, or even just half an hour, earlier each night. After all, the health benefits of extra quality sleep far outweigh that of giving up a square of chocolate.

2. Your Smartphone

Okay, so maybe you can bend the rules with this one; we don’t mean you have to give it up all together, but with most adults spending an estimated 3 hours and 12 minutes a day skimming their phones — and that’s just outside of work — maybe cutting back on screen time wouldn’t be so bad? Digital detox = life retox!

3. Dieting

Ahhhh, the one you were hoping for. They say that the key to success is everything in moderation, and that includes a little bit of the things that are ‘bad’ for you. Dark chocolate in particular is full of antioxidants, which lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and soluble fibre which keeps you fuller for longer!

4. The Sofa

We know better than anyone that our favourite spot on the sofa, a bar of chocolate and a good book are the ultimate dream team. However, there’s a lot to be said for divorcing the sofa for 40 days in favour of getting outdoors. Take a health-helping, mood-boosting, mind-clearing walk and enjoy Spring!

5. Swearing

Put £1 in a swear jar every time you drop a naughty word, then spend the money you save on chocolate. It’s a win-win!

In summary, if you’re not going to fully commit to your  it all the way through, you’re really just wasting two weeks of delicious chocolate eating time!