The perils of Landscape photography

So, hopefully by now, you’re all aware we’re in the middle of re-branding our photographic range of bars. Sounds great….right :/

Unfortunately since we took the decision to give the old girl a facelift, the weather hasn’t exactly been kind to us, and we’ve had about 3 days of sunshine. Also Cornwall being Cornwall, you’re never exactly sure that the weather you have in one place is going to be the same in the place you want to go to shoot some photos.

The first location on the hit list is West Cornwall. As it’s┬áthe furthest point away from us it logically seems right that it’s the first one we can get in the bag, numerous locations in a small area will adorn some of our favourite flavours really soon…..But it poses a number of problems, primarily travel time and the unpredictable weather. A day can easily be wasted in just travelling to and from locations only to find that the fog, clouds, rain etc. have rolled in. We’ve tried a countless occasions to get certain shots over the years for bar wrappers to no avail. If you want a picture of Bedruthan Steps in any season, we’re your guys as it’s only a mile away….but that iconic pic of Botallack, the Mount, Porth Nanven, Choughs on the Lizard…the list goes on. That my friends takes time, and a whole bucket of LUCK!.

So we’re about 2 months away from launching the new range and we’ve got about 20% of the images needed. Fear not, it will be completed in time….Cornwall, we have total faith in you to deliver the needed weather at the right time.

Here’s a sneek peak into some of the new images….we hope you like them.

KC x